The Commonwealth's Involvement in the First World War


The First World War was one of the most harrowing and brutal conflicts in our nation's history. More than 116,000 Americans were killed in the conflict and nearly twice that number were wounded. More than 100,000 Virginians served in the war, with more than 3,700 dying from disease, combat, and training accidents. We can never forget their sacrifices and the freedoms they fought to secure for the generations to come. 

For more on Virginia's role in WWI, see  "World War I: Historical Overview for U.S. and Virginia" , or download the full text below.

For more information about Virginia's Wartime Units, please use the links below...

In France with the 29th:

   116th Infantry Regiment

   111th Field Artillery

   104th Ammo Train

   104th Sanitary Train

   112th Machine Gun Battalion


In France with the 80th:

   313th Field Artillery (Virginia Trained)

   317th Infantry Regiment

   318th Infantry Regiment

   314th Machine Gun Battalion

   319th Ambulance Company

In France with the 42nd Division:

   117th Military Police Company


In France as 1st Army Troops:

   Batteries B and F of the 60th Coast Artillery


In France serving with the French:

   Ambulance Section 516  (UVA)

   Ambulance Section 517  (UVA)

   Ambulance Section 534  (W&L)


In France supporting the AEF:

   Base Hospital 45 (MCV)

   Base Hospital 41 (UVA)

   510th Engineers Service BN

   511th Engineers Service BN



   Co A Virginia Signal Corps

   Virginia Coast Artillery Companies:

      3, 4, 6, 7, 8 (Chesapeake Bay Area)

      10, 11, 12, 13, 14 (Shipyards & Industry)


Also: Red Cross, YMCA, YWCA, Knights of Columbus, American Library Association,

Salvation Army, etc.

Virginia ROTC Training Sites:

   Hampton Institute (Inf)

   Staunton Military Academy (Inf)

   University of Virginia (Inf)

   Virginia Military Institute (Inf, Cav, FA)

   Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Inf)

   Washington and Lee University (Inf)


Virginia Student Army Training Corps Sites:

   Emory and Henry College

   Hampden-Sidney College

   Hampton Institute

   Medical College of Virginia

   Randolph-Macon College

   Richmond College

   Richmond City School Board

   University of Virginia

   Virginia Christian College

   Virginia Military Institute

   Virginia Polytechnic Institute

   Virginia Union University

   Washington and Lee

   William and Mary College

Virginia Army Posts/Camps/Stations

   Northern Virginia

   Camp Humphreys (Belvoir)

   Front Royal Remount Station

   Camp Bally


   Richmond Area

   Aviation General Supply Depot (Varina)

   Balloon General Supply Center (E. Cary Street)

   General Hospital # 22 (Richmond College)


   Camp Lee (Petersburg)

   Troop capacity: 49,721

      July 1918: 57,342

      Aug 1918: 49,306

      Sept 1918: 54,498

      Oct 1918: 51,350

   Peninsula/Coastal Virginia

   Animal Embarkation Depot 301 (Newport News)

   Army Balloon School (Lee Hall)

   Army Supply Base (Norfolk Terminal)

   Camp Eustis

   Camp Alexander

   Camp Casino (Newport News)

   Camp Hill

   Camp Morrison

   Camp Stuart

   Debarkation Hospital # 51

   Engineer Depot (Lamberts Point)

   Expeditionary Depot, Purchase and Storage

   Service (Newport News)

   Fort Monroe

   Fort Story

   General Hospital # 43

   General Supply Depot (Newport News)

   General Supply Ordnance Depot (Pig Point)

   Langley Field

   Norfolk Terminal

   Port Medical Supply Depot (Newport News)


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