Profiles of Honor Spotlight:
PFC. Floyd J. Elliott

PFC Floyd J. Elliott


Scottsburg, VA



Enlisting in 1943, Floyd Elliott saw service in North Africa, and Italy, and Southern France during WWII. Attached to the 143rd Infantry Regiment, Elliot carried ammunition and much-needed supplies to front-line companies and evacuating the dead and wounded back to the main encampment.


In Italy, Elliott was subjected to intense enemy artillery barrages, mortar file, and machine gun fire while delivering ammo to help his unit hold their positions. For two weeks he never faltered in his duty, earning him a Bronze Star.


During the invasion of Southern France, PFC Elliot again placed his life on the line to protect and advancement his squadmates. While sweeping for mines to aid an armored column trapped in a minefield, German mortar fire began targeting the men minesweeping in front of the tanks. Floyd Elliott did not flee, but continued his duty, eventually succumbing to the enemy’s barrage. He would be posthumously awarded the Purple Heart for fatal injuries and his gallantry.


Provided by Dorothy Dance


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