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Update from the Commission: Summer 2019

Dear Partners and Friends,


Happy Independence day- Welcome to our Summer update! We are well over halfway through the year, and things are still going strong for your Virginia WWI and WWII Commemoration Commission! This year has be incredible so far, and with some major milestones passed, and some big events still to come, I wanted to give you an update on where we stand- and how we can help you!

1. 2019 Teacher Symposiums are coming: THIS MONTH!


This month, the Commission will host two final Teacher Symposiums in Richmond and Staunton. Programs are open free to educators in Virginia, and lunch is provided. Attendees will receive certificates confirming six hours of professional development.

Quicklinks for Partners

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As part of the Commonwealth's commemoration of the 100th and 75th anniversaries of WWI and WWII, and as a means to explore and share the countless resources Virginia offers for learning about WWI and WWII, the Commission has joined with partners across Virginia for the past two years to host a series of 12 symposiums across the state.


Again- These symposiums are the final two! Come join us- Registration is still open online!

2. The WWI & WWII Profiles of Honor Scanning and Education Program launches!


Applications have been pouring in for the WWI and WWII Profiles of Honor Scanning Project! Our schedule is rapidly filling up for the fall and next spring already! In case you didn’t know- We are pairing the wildly popular scanning program with a new, traveling WWI and WWII educational display to talk about Virginia’s museums, and the impact of the two wars wherever we go!


We've already collected thousands of WWI and WWII-related scans of photos, letters, and documents that are being permanently archived with our partners at the Library of Virginia, and we want to double that number starting this month. We look forward to working with (and scanning with) you all over the next few years!


Remember- the scanning project will require our hosts to submit significantly LESS paperwork than we needed with the mobile unit! If you'd like us to bring the scanning project to your community, view our schedule and download our application today right HERE.


3. UPDATE: Post your 2019 events to the Statewide Calendar!


I mention it a lot, but please be sure to post your events to www.Virginia.org... I know for the first several months of this year, there were some major server issues that kept many of you all (myself included) from being able to register new events, but- I have great news- the issues are resolved! So please feel free to start posting and submitting again! Let’s get that calendar filled up with some great events!

4. WWI and WWII Logo Requests:


Here’s your monthly reminder to all of our friends around the state- if you are using, or planning to use either the Commission’s 75th Anniversary Logo or the 100th Anniversary Logo, you MUST turn in a logo request form first. This document, along with many other helpful quicklinks can be found and downloaded on our “Partners” section of the website (SEE LINKS AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE)!

5. 2020 Signature Event: The Signing of Surrender – Commemorating V-J Day and the end of WWII


Although it is still over a year away, we are already hard at work planning our 2020 Signature Event to be held in Norfolk, VA, Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Japan’s surrender, and the end of WWII. Stay tuned to our website for more details- you won’t want to miss this one!


Our 2019 Signature Event just wrapped up this month in Bedford, VA at the National D-Day Memorial with a FANTASTIC showing of public support, and an incredible turnout of WWII veterans. If you missed seeing this incredible event, you can view some of the photo and video highlights on our website at: www.VirginiaWWIandWWII.org/dday75


As always- keep checking our website for all of the newest information, and thank you again, for all of your support. We hope you have a fantastic Independence Day weekend (Don’t forget to leave milk and cookies under Old Glory for Gen. Patton tonight)! Until next time…



     - Rusty Nix, Lily Jones, Ginny Edwards, and the:

Virginia  World  War  l  and  World  War  ll  Commemoration  Commission


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