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SOL USII.5c: The student will apply social science skills to understand the emerging role of the United States from the late nineteenth century through World War I by (c) evaluating and explaining the reasons for the United States' involvement in World War I and its international leadership role at the conclusion of the war.

Three lessons created in alignment with Virginia's SOLs using primary sources to examine the United States' entry, involvement, and leadership during WWI. (Part 2) (Part 3)

Students use newspaper articles to examine Americans' stances for and against joining the war.

Comparing FDR's final speech to Congress to an early draft.

An investigation into why Congress rejected the League of Nations. Students compare speeches by Woodrow Wilson and Henry Cabot Lodge.

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The Great War: A Visual History

American Battle Monuments Commission

Significant events from the war shown on an interactive map and timeline.


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