Lexington, VA

Museum exploring the life of George C. Marshall, whose military career spanned the Philippine Insurrection, WWI, WWII, and the Korean War, and whose support for the European Recovery Program earned him the Nobel Peace Prize. WWI-related programs include Life of George C. Marshall and Homer Simpson: WWI Soldier. WWII-related programs include Life of George C. Marshall, Partners in Code: William and Elizebeth Friedman, and WACs of WWII.

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Hampton Roads, VA

An official museum of the U.S. Navy, dedicated to the study of 241 years of naval history in the Hampton Roads region. WWI-related programming includes Over There: U.S. Navy Propaganda Posters of WWI. WWII-related programs include: Spotter Card Identification School, Discovery of the Enigma Code, Road to Tokyo, and Cartoon Propaganda in WWII.

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Norfolk, VA

Museum dedicated to the life and career of General Douglas MacArthur, and the men and women who served with him in WWI, WWII, and the Korean War. WWI-related programming includes The Life and Times of General Douglas MacArthur. See also WWI Resources. WWII-related programs include The Life and Times of General Douglas MacArthur, WWII in the Pacific: The Road to Tokyo, and Winning the Peace: MacArthur and the Occupation of Japan.

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Norfolk, VA

Memorial honoring the Allied forces that participated in the invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944, located in Bedford, which suffered the highest per capita D-Day losses in the nation.

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Triangle, VA

A lasting tribute to U.S. Marines, with exhibits that immerse visitors in the sights and sounds of Marines in action. Museum includes full galleries dedicated to both WWI and WWII.

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Richmond, VA

Museum dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of women in the U.S. Army. Programs include WWII: D-Day and A Great Debate: The Role of Women in WWII.

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Richmond, VA

The Virginia Holocaust Museum preserves and documents the Holocaust in its exhibits and archival collections, using the history of the Holocaust and other genocides to educate and inspire future generations of Virginians to fight prejudice and indifference.

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Richmond, VA

State memorial to Virginia's war veterans, featuring military and historical exhibits and programs. Offers programming specifically dedicated to WWI and WWII, including seminars and teacher education programs.

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Newport News, VA

Collections of personal artifacts, weapons, vehicles, uniforms, posters, and more trace the development of the U.S. military from 1775 through the present. Offers a WWI program and a Holocaust program.

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Staunton, VA

Seven galleries explore Wilson's early years, presidency, suffrage, prohibition and WWI, with exhibits dedicated specifically to the war, the Treaty of Versailles, and the League of Nations. WWI programs include Professor, President, Peacemaker and Over There...Over Here: The Great War.

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The sites below offer educational programs, both onsite and remote, dedicated specifically to World War I and World War II. For a comprehensive list and map of WWI and WWII sites in Virginia, see Places to Visit.

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